Skea's Guide: Girls who shred

Our top picks for your ski girl gang

Don't want to spend all your money, but want to give your ski (or snowboard)-loving girlies something truly unique? 

Read on for some Skea favorites, and our favorites as well!

1. The Skea Down-Filled Neck Gator

This year it is available in just Black/Paisley, which is perfect because it can go with any Elsa solid color or the Darcy Paisley or the Black and Paisley one-piece Leah suit!

2. Smith Optics New Rose Gold Lense Goggles

These are sure to turn some EYES on you this season, especially if you pair them with the New Skea Orchid Elsa Jacket for a completely cool girl pink look.

3. Hot Hands Hand Warmers

When in doubt run out to Costco and buy your friends a case of Hot Hands. Practical gift, yes, but going inside to warm up isn't an option on powder days- unless its for Aprés at the END of the day ;). 

 4. Our favorite brand of gloves/ mittens... Hestra Gloves!!!

Their new collection this year is (*INTERNALLY SCREAMING*) SO GOOD. A pair of Hestra gloves or mittens match the #skeastyle like peanut butter and jelly! Try the Fall Line Mitten in white or black, with a Skea Chloe Red, White, and black stripe jacket. Or the Black and Tahitian Pearl Darcy with the Powder Gauntlet 3 Finger gloves. Stylish, functional, and trending! 



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