Skea is a proud solely women-owned, and operated company. Although our products compete with some of the BIG names in the snow sports industry, what makes Skea different than the big names, is our grassroots connection to the snow sports industry. Additionally, we are a small, yet elite team. We don't have a Marketing or sales specific team, we don't have a customer service team, we don't have a shipping/receiving department. Everything that was just listed, and everything else is run by 3 full-time employees (including President Diane Boyer), and 1 part-time employee. When the phone rings, a real person answers the phone, and will ask you where you are going skiing that weekend!


Diane started working for Skea, as a sales rep when she was in college! In 1995, she took over the family business from her parents. 

Diane is the President and owner of Skea Limited. Other than being the Face of Skea, she leads the design of each collection; communicates and strategizes with retail partners; actively promotes Skea at various events throughout the season - a Member of the U.S Ski Hall of Fame, Colorado Snow Sports Museum Board of Directors, and many others; assists in merchandising, customer service, sales, and marketing. Diane Boyer Skiing



Kate started with Skea in May 2021 - 3 years! 

If you don't personally know Kate, you have probably heard her lovely voice anytime you call SKEA! She is our account manager for all of our wholesale accounts on a day-to-day basis, communicates with our sales representatives from North East and South regions, coordinates the delivery and provides customer service support, coordinates photoshoots, and oversees all marketing content.  

Over 20 years of customer service experience; 7 years of retail management.

Skea Team member Kate Garwood



Hattie started with Skea in April 2022 - just over 1 year! 

Hattie is our organic social media manager for Skea. She creates the daily posts, and reels, you see on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube. In addition, she packages the daily online orders from the Skea website & retail partners, assists in customer service via phone and email, schedules and sends out promotional emails/ texts to customers & retail partners, manages blog posts and website content, and processes returns/exchanges.


Honorable Mentions: 


Darren has known Diane for 10 years!

Although he isn't a full-time, or part-time employee of Skea, he deserves a mention on the team page, because he is the extra muscle/ hands when we need help every Fall unloading, unpacking, counting, and re-packing over 200 boxes of New Skea. He is also the official Skea Aprés Correspondent during Winter - if you want to know what this means head to our Tik Tok account - @skealtd; and Disco-loving Hype Man for all things Skea. If we still had a Mens Line, Darren would be our model. But that doesn't stop Darren from rocking a Skea Outfit on the slopes every time he skis. 

Disco Darren at Skea

"Follow your passion to your dreams" - Skea