Skea stands proudly as a women-owned and operated company. While our products rival those of industry giants in the snow sports sector, what truly sets us apart is our deep-rooted connection to the snow sports community. Unlike the big names, we operate with a grassroots ethos. Moreover, we're a small but exceptional team. We don't have separate marketing, sales, or customer service departments, nor do we maintain a shipping/receiving division. Instead, everything—from client interaction to logistics—is handled by just three dedicated full-time employees (including President Diane Boyer) and one part-time staff member. When you call us, you're greeted by a real person who's genuinely interested in your upcoming skiing plans


Diane's journey with Skea began during her college years when she joined as a sales representative. In 1995, she assumed leadership of the family business from her parents.

Today, Diane serves as the President and owner of Skea Limited. Beyond being the charismatic face of Skea, she plays a pivotal role in every aspect of the company. From personally overseeing the design of each collection to fostering relationships with retail partners, Diane is deeply involved. She is a prominent figure in promoting Skea at numerous events throughout the season and holds esteemed positions such as being a Member of the U.S. Ski Hall of Fame and the Colorado Snow Sports Museum Board of Directors. In addition to her leadership roles, Diane actively contributes to merchandising, customer service, sales, and marketing efforts. Her dedication and multifaceted contributions are integral to Skea's success.

Diane Boyer Skiing



Kate joined the Skea team in May 2021 and has since dedicated three years of exemplary service to the company.

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Kate in person, chances are you've been greeted by her warm and friendly voice whenever you've called Skea! As our dedicated account manager for wholesale accounts, Kate handles daily operations, liaising with our sales representatives in the North East and South regions, ensuring timely delivery, and offering top-notch customer service support. Additionally, she plays a vital role in coordinating photoshoots and overseeing all marketing content.

With over two decades of customer service experience and seven years in retail management, Kate brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for excellence to her role at Skea. Her commitment to providing exceptional service is evident in every interaction she has with our valued customers and partners.


Skea Team member Kate Garwood



Hattie joined the Skea team in April 2022, contributing her talents for over a year now.

As our dedicated organic social media manager, Hattie is the creative force behind the engaging posts and reels you see on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Beyond her social media prowess, she also handles various other responsibilities, including packaging daily online orders from the Skea website and retail partners, providing stellar customer service via phone and email, scheduling and sending promotional emails/texts to customers and retail partners, managing blog posts and website content, and efficiently processing returns and exchanges.

Hattie's multifaceted role showcases her versatility and commitment to ensuring a seamless experience for Skea's customers and partners across various platforms.


Honorable Mentions: 


Darren has been acquainted with Diane for a decade now!

While not officially listed as a full-time or part-time member of the Skea team, Darren is an indispensable asset deserving recognition on our team page. Every fall, he generously lends his strength and assistance, helping us unload, unpack, count, and repack over 200 boxes of new Skea products. During winter, he assumes the prestigious role of Skea's Aprés Correspondent, a title best understood by checking out our TikTok account @skealtd. Additionally, Darren serves as our enthusiastic disco-loving Hype Man, bringing energy to all things Skea-related. Though we no longer have a men's line, Darren's charismatic presence makes him the ideal model. Regardless, Darren proudly sports Skea outfits on the slopes every time he hits the snow.

Disco Darren at Skea

"Follow your passion to your dreams" - Skea