SKEA is committed to providing you with extraordinary style and luxury without sacrificing function and purpose. We use the highest quality fabrics and a vibrant color palette each season. Our designs are classic, yet contemporary. SKEA gives you the versatility you need for your active lifestyle. Our styles and fabrics maintain the exceptional look, quality, and comfort that have established SKEA as a luxury brand that actually works. Unique in a world of sameness, SKEA is set apart for the woman who knows what she wants and how she wants to feel.
Family owned and operated, SKEA is truly the product of a family passion for skiing and for the mountain lifestyle. Founders Georges and Jocelyn Boyer grew up in France and Canada and loved skiing. She was the first to wear a one-piece suit at Stratton Mountain, VT in the late 1960’s. In 1972 SKEA was born as a combination of the words “SKI” and “SEA”, hence “SKEA”, as the brand includes a summer and winter collection. 


The little family company that began as a “fun” business grew up in Vail, Colorado. SKEA walks down 5th Avenue or the Champs Elysees and skis down the slopes of Vail and St. Moritz. SKEA defined the phrase “CITY SKI” for lifestyle coats worn in the city and on the slopes. Wrap yourself in luxury SKEA no matter where you are.


Diane Boyer took over the family business in 1995. Residing in Vail, she embodies the SKEA woman, confident and ahead of the curve. A passionate skier and outdoor enthusiast, Diane knows what her customers need to look great while doing what they love in all weather conditions. As the first female chairperson of SIA (Snowsports Industries America), Diane gives back to the ski industry by forwarding snow sports as a lifestyle choice. She encourages everyone to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of being on snow. Diane is excited to bring SKEA to the international marketplace.

"We need to feel good and look good while we ski and play in the mountains. If health and wellness are the new wealth, then we who enjoy skiing must be the wealthiest and luckiest people in the world!" 

-Diane Boyer