Skea Limited

Split Rock Pickleball Tote- Lighthouse Sports

$ 135

A limited-edition paddle tote with custom striped webbing on front. Perfect for all your racket sports. Get it while you can!

The Split Rock Pickleball Tote is carefully crafted of durable, water-resistant nylon, designed to be versatile and functional. 

Sized for Pickleball, Tennis and Paddle (Platform Tennis)!

Holds up to three paddles in rear pocket with handle strap to snap in place. Front pocket with zippered cover holds everything else you will need - towels, jacket, sunscreen, hats, gloves, extra balls. Mesh pockets for water bottle and balls. Adjustable shoulder straps. Hidden pockets for phone and keys. Insulated pocket for drinks and phone. Felt-lined pocket for jewelry, sunglasses and valuables.

This tote cannot be Personalized. 

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