Fabric Information & Washing Care Instructions

Washing Instructions:

Please note our step-by-step washing instructions for you down-filled SKEA jackets and coats:


1.)  Pretreat any stains or grease with Oxy Clean prewash stain treatment for COLORS.

2.)  Fill washer with warm water and a small amount of liquid detergent ( ALL FREE and CLEAR.)  Allow machine to agitate so that detergent mixes in well with water.  Then add garment...  Do not pour detergent directly onto the garment.  Do not use powder detergent.

3.)  Allow garment to run through entire cycle with spin set on high speed - to remove as much moisture as possible from garment.

4.)  Put garment into a dryer on LOW heat with 6 clean tennis balls to fluff up the down.  It will make a racket and take a very long time, but it will come out clean and fluffy!  Be sure jacket is dry before removing in order that the down is fluffed up!

5.)  Smooth any long zippers or seams and hang on plastic hanger away from direct heat source (to avoid burning the nylon fabric)