Skea's Off Season Bootcamp Round 2

We're back for another booty buster, leg cruncher, or otherwise "fun" workout to distract you from the fact that ski season is over, and we have 4 LONG months ahead until our skis touch snow - unless you are traveling to the Southern Hemisphere, and in that case - we are incredibly envious and hope you have your Skea packed to take some pictures and share with us!

Off Season Bootcamp Workout - Brought to you by Red Rocks  - if you aren't a Colorado local, no worries, find your nearest staircase and get to steppin' with us!

1. Start with a warm-up jog around the steps (according to fit bit one lap around the amphitheater steps is .2 miles) - we suggest 1-2 laps - if you're at home, take a lap around your house or  apartment/ condo complex.

Red Rocks Amphitheater Steps

2. Start your stair climbing from the stage, to the top! Have fun with it! After every ascend to the top, try going sideways on the descend to work a different part of your legs. 

Add in crunches, push-ups, wall sits, and lunges in between your up and downs, for a full-body blast! 

Wear Skea while you step and tag us on social! @skealtd #skealimited #skeasoffseasonbootcamp 

Red Rocks Stair Workout

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