Skea Product Highlight: The Moon Wind Shirt

Have you been looking for a lightweight, breathable,  packable, versatile jacket that can be worn in any season? 

Let us introduce you to the Skea Moon Shirt! With 6 BRAND new colors to choose from in the new activewear collection, the Moon shirt will be your new BFF on ALL your upcoming adventures. 

5 Reasons Why you Need the Skea Moonshirt

1. LIGHTWEIGHT Have an early morning tee time, and need an extra layer? Throw the Skea Moonshirt in your golf bag.

2. PACKABLE Taking off on a camping trip in the Mountains, and need a layer that you can easily take off, that will keep you warm, or keep the bugs off of you at night? The Skea Moonshirt has got you covered.

3. FASHIONABLE  Snap front, sleeve pocket, 100% Nylon or Polyester (won't shrink)- TRUST US the Skea Moonshirt was made for any outdoor activity, season, or occasion. 

4. SUN PROTECTION The Moonshirt will protect you with tight weave blocks wind rays and sun rays (UPF 50). 

5. One-of-a-Kind The Skea Moonshirt is "one-of-a-kind", a simply Skea design, that will look fashionable and exceed high-performance for any body type!

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