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Gift Guide: Skea Stocking Stuffers

Down-Filled Neck Gaiter - 50th Anniversary Edition $84 

Down-Filled Neck Gaiter - Classic Collection $84

Down-Filled Neck Gator - Last Seasons Paisley Print $49

The Skea Limited Cozy Down Neck Gaiter is your go-to, filled with snug down to ward off the cold and wind. With a plethora of colors and patterns, it effortlessly complements any ski outfit, seamlessly transitioning from the slopes to your everyday adventures. Stay warm, stay stylish! ❄️🧣


Buffy Gaiter - Outlet  $29

Buffy Gaiter - NEW Prints - $58

Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Buffy Gaiter - $54

The ultimate present for skiers, no matter their age? Buffy Gaiters! These super-soft, sweat-wicking wonders are a two-layered neck gator that provides sun and wind protection—perfect for snowshoeing, skiing, and all your outdoor snowy escapades! Keep one stashed in your pocket at all times for a cozy and practical winter companion. ❄️🏂

Chard Hat with Removable Faux Fur Finn Pom, $44

Skea's top-tier beanie, the Faux Fur Pom Chard Hat, steals the spotlight! It's the ideal and budget-friendly gift for all the snow bunnies in your circle. Sporting a removable faux fur pom and available in four different chic colors, it's a stylish winter essential that's sure to please. 🐰❄️

Betty (Big Pom) Hat, $149

Meet the latest addition to Skea's collection, the BIG POM HAT! Perfect for those who crave bold style. And here's the bonus: When you snag a Betty Hat, it comes with the 9-inch Pom for maximum flair, plus a 1-inch Pom for when you want to dial down your style a notch ;) Hurry, limited quantities of each color! Get your order in ASAP! 

Elsa Headband, $14

Say goodbye to helmet hair because with the Elsa Headband, it's a distant memory! This two-layered, super-stretchy, and irresistibly soft headband is your go-to for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or ultimate "under ski helmet" comfort. Plus, at just $14, you can effortlessly check off all your ski gals from your list! 🏂👭



Don't miss our guide for the Aprés Gals and your Big Mountain ski enthusiasts! Make sure to place your order at by Friday at 3 pm MST to guarantee a Christmas delivery! Time's ticking, so let's sleigh those gift decisions! 🎿🛍️🎁



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