Bundled: Base Layers to Outerwear

It's that time of year, and your ski trip is approaching! Need some inspiration for your ski outfit? SKEA gals are here for you. Here's how we dress, head to toe, for our ski trips with friends and family.


1. Base-layers

Avia Top- Abalone Print

Be sure to choose base layers that are technical and stretchy, they need to be able to bend and move with you while skiing. The Avia top has thumb loops as well, so you're not having to pull down your base-layer's sleeves all day. 

Leggie- Abalone Print

Who said base-layers should be boring? Dare to choose a wild or bright print, like the Abalone print. Be warned: you'll probably get some deserved attention during your lunch break.

Buffy Neck Gator- Abalone Print

Hillary Vest- Silver Chrome

This is the perfect added on layer for the chillier days. It is sleek, but warm, so it won't bulk up as much as wearing an additional hoodie or sweater under your parka. But guaranteed to keep you toasty.

2. Outer-layers

Cargo Pant- Silver Chrome

Didi Parka- Teal

Choose a parka that will shine. Didi, any color, has a beautiful glow about it. It appears soft, silky, and luxurious but performs like a ski parka.


The Cargo is our favorite staple piece. It pairs with literally everything, and the fit is unbeatable. You'll thank us later.

You're bundled!

boomerang from SKEA on Vimeo.


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