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Gift Guide for the Aprés Girls

1 Skea Down-Filled Neck Gator $84

Skea's down-filled neck gaiters stand out in the industry, seamlessly blending style and functionality. They keep your neck toasty even on the chilliest days, whether you're on the East or West side this winter! With a variety of colors and patterns, they effortlessly complement any outfit, making it easy to transition from the slopes to everyday life. Note - We sell out of these gaiters every year - make sure you get yours in the NEW patterns/colros ASAP!

Shine Sling Fanny Pack $148

Designed for Aprés enthusiasts who can't be without their accessories, this sling fanny is a must-have. Whether worn on the front or back of your chest, or around your waist, this versatile and ski-ready bag adds a sleek touch to your adventures, both on and off the mountain.

3 Betty Big Pom Hat $149

Meet the latest addition to Skea's collection, the BIG POM HAT! Perfect for those who crave bold style. And here's the bonus: When you snag a Betty Hat, it comes with the 9-inch Pom for maximum flair, plus a 1-inch Pom for when you want to dial down your style a notch ;) Hurry, limited quantities of each color! Get your order in ASAP!

4 Winter Skirt $198 

For the on-the-go Aprés gals, our winter skirt is a speedy and stylish transition from the mountain to the town, ensuring you still look absolutely FAB! Just slip it over your leggings after a day on the slopes, throw on a cozy sweater like the Jamie Faux Fur Pullover, and BAM—you're the talk of Aprés!

5 Fringe Shawl Sweater $228

Saving the best for last, the Fringe Shawl sweater stands as a timeless favorite in Skea Aprés fashion. Whether you're dressing it up with knee-high boots and black jeans or throwing it over black leggings paired with your Uggs after a thrilling day on the mountain, it's a versatile piece. The Fringe Shawl is available in three colors and boasts a one-size-fits-most design for maximum comfort and style. 


Searching for more gifts to delight your Aprés-loving gals? Explore the entire Aprés Collection!


As always, keep following your passion and PRAY for snow! :) 



The Skea Gals

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