Birthday: April 22
What athlete do you look up to? Karen Huntoon-Miller. She helped elevate the fledgling sport of mogul freestyle skiing from its "hot dogging" status in the 1970's to an art form. Fast forward to 1985. I was in Park City skiing after the birth of my second child, and feeling a little out of "ski shape," I had the opportunity to follow her down a mogul field reaffirming my passion for mogul skiing.
Where do you get your fashion inspiration? Everywhere. Owning my own contemporary women's boutique in Steamboat I follow fashion and recreate it for my store for the relaxed mountain lifestyle we enjoy.
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? I love surprises. Just ask me to join you and I'm in!
Favorite SKEA piece: The Cargo Pant and my 20 year old black SKEA down jacket.
Proudest skiing accomplishments: 50 days a season!


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