Birthday: July 2
What athlete do you look up to? Lindsey Vonn- Strong is the New Beautiful!
Where do you get fashion inspiration? Everywhere... the slopes, the streets, the web. The world is my catwalk! I love classic glamour with modern technical fabrics and fit!
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? As a travel journalist, I get to ski the globe... I'm living the dream. I'm very excited to ski and aprés ski the French Alps this season! 
Favorite SKEA piece: My zebra Cargo Pants, my fur Bunny Gator and my aprés ski skirt! I'm stoked for this season's new hologram pants!
Proudest skiing accomplishments: Raising two beautiful children who love to ski as much as me, skiing 124 ski resorts (so far, so good!) and being a respected ski travel journalist!
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