Getting Fit... From Former US Ski Team Member Katharine Irwin

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With ski season just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about fitness and getting our bodies ready for winter activities. Besides just feeling good, being in shape will prevent injuries and help us with form on the mountain. These are a few simple exercises that truly go a long way from Katharine Irwin (Big Kat), Former US Ski Team Member!
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20 Deep Squats
20 Single Leg Leg Lifts (each side, high butt)
20 Calf Raises (each leg, on tip toes)
20 Body Weight Deep Squats Jumps (use your arms)
20 Straight Leg Sit Ups
20 Pushups
-Repeat up to 5 times with 1 minute rests between sets-
-Add weight as you see fit-
MOST IMPORTANTLY: Focus on form! This prevents injury and helps you gets the most out of each exercise.

For squats and squat jumps, keep feet hip width distance apart, keep an upright chest and go as deep as possible without letting your knees cave in.
For single leg leg lifts, lie on your back and bend one leg at 90 degrees with your foot on the floor, have your other leg out straight raise your hips to the ceiling while squeezing your butt.Image result for katharine irwinThese exercises are the perfect way to get your legs, core and upper body strong to make the most of your ski season. Thank you to Katharine Irwin for sharing!

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